The Princeton Gerrymandering Project combines data, tech, and law to give citizens and reformers the tools they need to work for fair districting in all fifty states. Housed at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, PGP is directed by Prof. Sam Wang. PGP has worked  with citizen groups, legislators, and technologists across the nation to build open resources to drive reform. To read more about what, how, and why, see our recent New York Times article. Also watch this video about one of our projects. 

PGP consists of a small team of four full-time staff: two data analysts (one mathematician, one data scientist), one legal/policy analyst, and one outreach coordinator. In July, PGP created a resource to help citizens identify best strategies for reform in their own state. Recently the team did analysis during the court-ordered redistricting of North Carolina. In coordination with and Dave's Redistricting App, we created resources to let citizens evaluate draft legislative maps. This led to media appearances and the filing of an amicus brief to help the North Carolina court in its work.

The person in this role will be an engineer that leads development of our tools and websites. You’ll work closely with our data and policy experts as we build OpenPrecincts, a repository of precinct-level geographies linked with census and voting information, as well as other tools.

Skills and responsibilities

Collaboration: Mentor other engineers and accept feedback from a multidisciplinary team.

Product-minded work: Take requirements from the team and adapt the product you’re building to meet them. You’re flexible enough to adapt as political realities change.


  • Location:
    Princeton is a great community, halfway between NYC and Philadelphia.
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

What you have:
You’re passionate about democracy and want to work with a team dedicated to achieving real reform. You’re very experienced in Python, and aren’t afraid of getting your hands into front-end code either. We're looking for someone with at least 4-6 years of experience in product development.

Preferred qualifications

You’re experienced with most of the following technologies:
  • Python / Pandas / Geopandas - Our tools for curating and cleaning data make heavy use of Python. Pandas, or better yet, Geopandas experience will be helpful as well.
  • Django - as well as our reforms guide is written in Python.
  • Modern Javascript / React - Our frontend makes use of a bit of React and we imagine there will be more to come.
  • Amazon Web Services - Experience or ability to learn will be important for the future.