Cloud to Street is the leading remote flood mapping system designed for the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our platform harnesses global satellites, advanced science and community intelligence to monitor floods in near real-time around the world and remotely analyze local flood exposure at a click of a button. Our mission is to ensure that all vulnerable governments can finally access the high quality information they need to prepare and respond to increasing catastrophes. Cloud to Street is or has been used by governments in 11 countries. We are on track to enable new flood protection and insurance for 10 million people in the next 5 years.

As a Cloud to Street member, you:
  • Lead development of scalable technology at start-up technology company focused on social impact and represent our organization at scientific and development meetings
  • Serve the underserved by reducing the scientific barriers for low and middle income countries to access the information governments, businesses, and communities need to sustainably develop and thrive
  • Are in solidarity with vulnerable communities by spending time with flood affected populations and organizations who serve them
  • Increase equity by making information accessible to historically marginalized communities and building a diverse and inclusive start-up

We are looking for a best-in-class front-end or full stack developer to build tools for turning science into actionable insights. You should apply if you are eager to develop scalable systems for reducing the impact of catastrophic flooding and if you are excited to build an innovative and sustainable organization. In this role, you will take ownership of Cloud to Street’s web dashboards and user interfaces and develop new features to deliver flood insights to end-users. You will work with a team of scientists and engineers with expertise in remote sensing (optical and radar), hydrology, climate, social vulnerability, UX, and machine learning to i) turn scientific analysis into software tools, ii) customize analysis and data based on user needs, and iii) translate scientific data to enable decision-making through creative data visualization.

Skills and responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities
  • Iterate and improve web-interfaces and delivery tools based on input from users and UX designer
  • Design intuitive data visualization and interaction tools to enable decision-making from spatial and non-spatial data
  • Improve scalability and efficiency of near real-time monitoring software and analysis
  • Manage Cloud to Street’s near real-time flood mapping software development by setting feature priorities and identifying opportunities for improving delivery of flood analytics
  • Deploy and manage cloud-based systems for on-going projects using Google Cloud and Firebase
  • Create solutions for delivering data in offline or low-bandwidth situations
  • Manage databases with different types of spatial and non-spatial data


  • Location:
    Brooklyn, NY preferred; remote work possible for the right candidate
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary: , Full-time, permanent; generous salary, benefits, vacation package, and equity
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Characteristics of a Successful Candidate
  • BS or MSc in computer science, a related field, or equivalent experience
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively visualize, interact with, and communicate spatial and non-spatial data
  • Independent and creative problem solver
  • Experience deploying and managing multi-tenant web applications or SaaS
  • Passion for developing technology to serve the most vulnerable
  • Commitment to justice, diversity, science, and solidarity with vulnerable communities

Preferred qualifications

Useful Experience
  • Building interactive web interfaces with Angular CLI
  • Past coding projects using Python, Typescript, HTML, and CSS
  • Working with a UX director and designers to rapidly iterate UI
  • Experience using data visualization libraries for generating interactive charts such as D3.js, Vega, Chart.js, Highcharts, or similar
  • Experience using geospatial visualization libraries such as OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Maps, Google Earth Engine, etc.
  • Cloud and high performance computing for big or near real-time data analysis
  • Managing databases and multi-tenant site hosting with Firebase
  • Managing site traffic and performance with Firebase and Cloudflare
  • Analyzing and visualizing cloud optimized GeoTiffs
  • Experience designing tools for users in low bandwidth or offline scenarios

To Apply

Applicants are requested to send their submissions to with: 
  • Subject line: Front-end Developer, Cloud to Street
  • Attached CV/resume
  • Relevant projects or products
  • Paragraph expressing interest
Priority will be given to applications submitted before October 20, 2019, but applications will be continued to be accepted until the position is filled.