Agile Six is a full spectrum digital transformation company on a mission to build world-class technology products by establishing Agile Human Centered Design processes within and across our Federal Government. We are a leader and core contributor to the emerging civic tech movement. Agile Six drives Digital Transformation and Modernization by helping organizations develop human centered ecosystem to support both service design/delivery and procurement. In so doing, we help critical government agencies improve and expand digital services delivery from the ground up, by shifting organizational culture toward Human Centered Research and Design (HCD) executed using Agile Development Frameworks facilitated by Agile Procurement Processes.

Agile Six seeks a UX Researcher to contribute to the Patients over Paperwork initiative at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Within this effort Agile Six will join a core team established at CMS that leverages the human-centered design process in the context of policy and process review to find ways to reduce patient and clinician administrative burden within the Medicare and Medicaid space.

We’re seeking someone driven by an empathetic understanding of provider and patient needs. You will lead a team of researchers and support staff responsible for digging into tough areas that impact those involved in the CMS ecosystem, both internally and externally. While pursuing this research we will also be looking to help evolve HCD processes CMS has in place and training staff as appropriate.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Has hands-on experience executing a range of user research methods, including but not limited to ethnographic and observational research, user interviews, surveys, focus groups, and other participatory design methods and use analytics
  • Transforms data and findings into knowledge and actionable, plain language recommendations, visualizations, and research artifacts that capture and convey research insights and opportunities for service design and policy change that will reduce the burden for providers and caregivers and beneficiaries (e.g., journey maps, empathy maps, personas
  • Self-motivated contributor who can work independently or within a team
  • Persuasive communicator able to effectively explain UX benefits, methods, strategy, and research findings to teammates, agency leadership, and interested lay audiences
  • Has some experience executing HCD activities within an Agile approach
  • Has developed and/or feels confident in providing formal and informal HCD workshops and training
  • Understands emerging research, best practices, and industry trends, including accessibility, universal design, and the USDS design methods and playbook
  • Is a strong communicator with excellent, persuasive written and visual communication skills


  • Location:
    Woodlawn, MD and Downtown Baltimore
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications