The Department of Citywide Administrative Services’ (“DCAS”) Division of Energy Management (“DEM”) serves as the hub for energy management for City government operations. Today, we develop the City’s annual Heat, Light, and Power Budget; manage the City’s electricity, natural gas, and steam accounts; help our agency partners identify and pursue energy-saving opportunities at their buildings; do energy efficiency and clean power generation projects across the City’s portfolio; and implement operations and maintenance (O&M) best practices.
DEM is tasked with leading the City’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions by 80 percent by 2050 from a 2005 baseline (“80x50”). As part of Local Law 97, the City also recently set new targets to reduce emissions from City government operations by 40 percent by 2025 (“40x25”) and by 50 percent by 2030 (“50x30”). To meet these goals, DEM is committed to collaborating very closely with our agency partners to help them achieve major emissions reductions in their buildings. We actively are working to provide them our agency partners with the energy efficiency and clean energy project funding, project delivery vehicles, technical expertise, staff resources, strategic planning support, and data analytics that they need to succeed.  

DEM seeks to hire a Senior Program Manager for the Operations unit. The Senior Program Manager, Capital Implementation will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of a large portfolio of energy efficiency projects. The Senior Program Manager will support the Director, Capital Implementation in the management of a major capital implementation program to ensure the proper and timely implementation of energy efficiency capital projects. 
His/her primary responsibilities will be to exercise full administrative and technical responsibilities for capital project planning and delivery and to manage staff and contractors engaged in the design and construction of energy efficiency capital projects at City facilities. With wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgment and initiative, the Senior Program Manager will be charged with the following:
  • Managing energy efficiency capital implementation program: Provide administrative and technical support to staff involved in the design and construction of capital projects. Keep track of portfolio of projects and provides updates to the Director, Capital Implementation.  
  • Managing the design and construction process for energy efficiency projects: In close collaboration with agency partners, consultants, and contractors, manage the execution of design and construction for a sizable portfolio of energy-related capital projects. Ensure that projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Review, provide comments, and make recommendations on design packages submitted by consultants for proposed energy efficiency projects. 
  • Providing administrative support to energy efficiency projects: Responsible for the review, approval, and oversee administrative tasks associated to the management of energy efficiency projects such as; CP packages, project registrations, change orders, payment requests, etc.
  • Performing technical calculations to verify estimated project energy, emissions, and cost savings: Perform engineering calculations and energy modeling to verify the reasonableness and accuracy of estimated energy usage reductions, avoided greenhouse gas emissions, and energy cost savings for proposed energy efficiency projects.
  • Performing site visits throughout the project implementation process: Conduct field visits to assess energy usage reduction opportunities at City buildings; refine proposed scopes of work; facilitate consultants and contractors’ walk-throughs with agency staff; ensure project compliance with the scope and schedule set forth in contract documents; and perform measurement and verification.
  • Conducting measurement and verification activities: Perform measurement and verification tasks to assess realized savings from completed energy efficiency retrofit projects. 
  • Coordinating with agency partners, consultants, and contractors: As designated, represent DEM in meetings with different City agencies, consultants, and contractors involved in energy efficiency project implementation.
  • Performing program data collection, tracking, and reporting: Perform program data collection and tracking required to ensure accurate, on-demand project reporting in a range of areas, including compliance with project schedule, budgets, and scopes; measurement and verification of energy savings and avoided emissions; and projects’ contributions towards the City’s goals. Maintain relevant DEM project tracking databases. 

Skills and responsibilities

The preferred candidate will bring the following skills and experience to this position:

·         Degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Environmental Engineering (undergraduate and ideally master’s)
·         P.E. preferred
·         Experience in the design and construction of energy efficiency retrofits in diverse buildings that vary in age, size, and use
·         Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in analyzing building energy efficiency technologies and controls and specifying upgrades to improve the energy performance of building systems
·         Strong knowledge of applicable IESNA/ASHRAE design codes, design standards, and specification requirements, with the ability to interpret and apply them to specific project scopes
·         Familiarity with the National Electric Code and NYC electrical and energy codes
·         Familiarity with energy usage, energy cost savings, and avoided greenhouse gas emissions calculation methodologies
·         Skilled at managing program operations and budgets
·         Strong written and verbal communication skills
·         Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft applications
·         Well-organized, detail-oriented, and capable of managing multiple responsibilities and deadlines simultaneously


  • Location:
    New York
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

At least six years of full-time satisfactory experience in construction management work on capital projects, each one of which must have had a dollar value of at least $15,000, at least eighteen months of which must have been in a managerial or consultative capacity in an organization responsible for the management of construction; and a combination of the following, sufficient to equal a total of ten years of education and experience: 
1.     Full-time satisfactory experience in construction inspection on capital projects, each one of which must have had a dollar value of at least $15,000. One year of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of construction inspection experience up to a maximum of four years. 
2.     Full-time satisfactory experience in building construction as a journeyperson in one or more of the skilled building construction trades. One year of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of journeyperson experience up to a maximum of four years. 
3.     Education in an accredited college leading to a bachelor's degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or air pollution control, chemical, civil including structural and bridge design, electrical, mechanical, or sanitary engineering will be credited on the basis of 30 credits for one year of acceptable experience up to a maximum of four years.
A New York State license as a professional engineer or registered architect or a license as a professional engineer or registered architect from a state that has reciprocity with New York State may be substituted for the four years of education and experience described in "a", "b" and "c" above. However, all candidates must have at least six years of experience in construction management work described above, including at least eighteen months in a managerial or consultative capacity in an organization responsible for the management of construction. In addition, candidates managing asbestos removal or lead abatement staff must meet applicable regulatory and medical requirements. Candidates must not have any condition which would prevent a good face seal when wearing a respirator. Periodic medical examinations will be administered as applicable while persons are assigned to asbestos removal or lead abatement management.

To apply: Please go to or for current NYC employees and search for Job ID# 406486