The campaign is run by a small, well-organized, and motivated team, backed by volunteers and supporters across the country. We're searching for hard-working and kind people to join us. We are committed to radical transparency and fairness, and are steadfast in our work to share Pete's vision with the country. We don't stand for harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Mayor Pete is a different type of politician, and we are a different kind of team. Our goals require collaboration across all departments and our structure facilitates that.

Pete for America is building our in-house data team, and we need people who have experience working with data and organizing to help build our community of volunteer organizers and regional staff around the country.

This role will help our distributed organizing teams strategize voter contact in a fully integrated and creative way. You will help us be smarter, more creative, and efficient in our outreach to voters through every channel available. 

Skills and responsibilities

  • Assist our Marathon States Regional Organizing Directors with list pulling and data analysis to help develop data-driven programs nationwide. 
  • Coordinate data across different tools used by the campaign to create a holistic view of voter outreach and identify areas of improvement.   
  • Empower the distributed program with the tools, processes, and training they need to execute state specific programs rather than dictating a one-size-fits-all national strategy.
  • Take a human-centered approach to data, and always remember that data is a tool to tell a story, understand narratives, and enable others to do their best work.
  • Work with our delegate team to optimize resource allocation and campaign spending across states.


  • Location:
    South Bend
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • Truly value a diversity of experiences and voices, you know it positively impacts outcomes, and you can point to times you've demonstrated this personally and professionally.
  • Have served as a state, regional, or national data director for a political campaign or advocacy organization.
  • Have experience managing a team, and balancing individual state needs vs program-wide needs
  • Understand that organizing and face-to-face conversations are how we win elections, and can think creatively with what metrics we hold organizers accountable to and how we measure success.
  • Can listen to the goals and challenges of other team members and develop systems and processes to improve their work and help their programs come to life.
  • Have trained people on technical topics and provided non-technical mentorship.
  • Have experience working with SQL databases and organizing tools, and familiarity with randomized controlled experiments, targeting methods, and simulation modeling.
  • Have strong attention to detail, and understand the need for a transparent, accurate flow of information throughout the campaign.