Come join the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) technology team to help build the Commonwealth’s newest—and first “digitally native”—constituent-facing service: Paid Family and Medical Leave.
The Department of Paid Family and Medical Leave’s (DFML) objective is to ensure that the workforce of Massachusetts is healthier, more productive, and enjoys a better quality of life. The joint EOLWD / DFML technology team is responsible for the systems that the DFML will rely upon to process constituent claims, pay benefits, and administer the program in order to achieve this mission.
Are you interested in helping create a public service that has the opportunity to actively improve the lives of more than 160,000 workers in Massachusetts each year? Read on, this role may be for you.

What You’ll Do
As a Business Analyst, you will design, document, and implement business processes and a customer service model that revolve around the needs of our constituents. You will conduct research and analysis that focus on the user experience and outcomes, program workflows, and the use of program resources.
Our constituents will be dealing with a lot in their lives. Your mission will be to use the insights you derive from your research to help design and build a program that will remove some of the burden.
This is a unique and exciting opportunity for several reasons:
  • The Paid Family and Medical Leave program is brand-new and will not pay benefits until January 2021. As the Business Analyst, you have an opportunity to leave your mark on how the Department operates. There are regulatory and infrastructural factors that influence on how the department will function, but we are building majority of our processes from the ground up. Have you ever wanted to truly streamline and improve the way government does business? Here’s your opportunity!
  • Massachusetts PFML is one of only several comprehensive state Paid Family and Medical Leave programs in the country, and one of only a few with a program that’s not built atop existing service infrastructure. You will pioneer an approach to program operations that will set an example for the rest of the country as paid leave programs become increasingly popular.
  •  DFML will be the Commonwealth’s first digital native constituent program. DFML is working hard with our Commonwealth partners to implement a modern vision for the technology that will support our operations and users. We expect you to help us take these new tools and create a lean, agile, and effective technology-enabled service, with an eye on constantly iterating and improving.
  •  The DFML team will seek to minimize hierarchy and empower each team member to recommend and implement ideas they believe will make the program successful, ultimately creating the best service possible for the Commonwealth’s constituents. Your professional advice will be heard by department leaders, and your work product will be front and center. We’re seeking someone who will be excited to work as part of a collaborative team, and is ready and able to provide and implement actionable plans based on real insight into what our constituents need and how we operate.

You’ll focus on:
  • Researching constituent and department needs and document these needs as clear software and operational requirements; prioritize requirements and write user stories.
  • Analyzing, designing, and documenting business processes.
  • Communicating with technical teams and end users; managing and supporting expectations of business stakeholders.
  • Defining clear acceptance criteria for software features that will be used by developers and product owners. Developing a plan for surfacing information from automated tests and determining whether the features meet acceptance criteria.
  • Reviewing changes in State and Federal regulations with legal counsel to identify the impact on business processes and systems and to recommend modifications as necessary.

How you’ll be supported
The EOLWD / DFML technology team will have support and oversight from the Commonwealth’s executive technology leadership from EOLWD and the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS).
Where you’ll work
The EOLWD / DFML technology team works in the Hurley Building at 19 Staniford Street, which is located in the center of downtown Boston. We'd like for you to join us here because we think that the complexities of this project might make it difficult for remote work to be successful.


  • Location:
  • Salary: , This is a contract role with the possibility to convert to FTE.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • Strong interest in the challenges of public-sector service design.
  • Experience in a role with similar responsibilities, with a proven track record of success.
  • Ability to document and communicate complicated concepts clearly and concisely through both writing and oral and visual presentation.
  • Ability to influence stakeholders and work closely with them to identify acceptable solutions.
  • Ability to quickly grasp technology concepts, and to learn and use new technology tools.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience in insurance, healthcare, or related fields strongly preferred.

About the Department of Family and Medical Leave
DFML’s mission is to implement and run a program that provides income support to Massachusetts workers and their families during significant life events while serving as a partner to employers to deliver program integrity. DFML’s vision is to ensure a Massachusetts workforce that is healthier, more productive, and enjoys a better quality of life.
We will interact with people at big moments in their lives—the birth of a child, serious injuries, and potential losses of loved ones. These are stressful, hopeful, and overwhelming times and are experienced by everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. We are here to help the working people of the Commonwealth to navigate these major life milestones by providing security and support when they need it most. 
This will be a large and highly visible program. All Massachusetts employees and many Massachusetts independent contractors will be covered by the PFML law and eligible for benefits. There are approximately 3.7 million eligible workers in Massachusetts. DFML anticipates collecting approximately $1.4 billion in contributions annually and paying up to $1 billion in total benefits annually.

Diversity Statement
We strive to create a culture of belonging in the Department of Family and Medical Leave. We are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the Commonwealth and to celebrating our differences. 
All applicants and employees drawn to serve our mission will enjoy equal opportunity and fair treatment. The Department will recruit, hire, compensate, train and promote without regard to race, color, gender (identity and expression), sex, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, disability status, veteran’s status, or anything else that describes your identity as a human being.