NYC Department of City Planning’s IT division is responsible for digital solutions that support the agency’s planners, urban designers, analysts, and its core functions. Our staff of 50+ specialists—in engineering, data, UI/UX, geography, and data visualization—continuously adapt with the ever-evolving technology industry. We design, build, and improve digital products that are the nervous system of the agency, and we’re committed to furthering transparency in planning and providing digital services to New Yorkers. 

NYC Planning Labs is a small team of 7 within NYC Planning's IT division that embraces progressive civic tech values including open technology, agile development, and user-centered design to build impactful products with NYC’s Urban Planners.

We work with modern tools and languages. We embrace mature frameworks, with an eye towards maintainability and long-term stability. We’re on the forefront of web mapping, and we intend to make our mark in open-source data engineering. We’re building an emergent UI language and tackling unique design challenges like bringing city planning mapmaking online. And we have clear, progressive values that underscore how we work:
  • Open by default — Make things open, it makes things better. We know coding in the open makes it easier to build, share, and learn.
  • Build with, not for — We try to be as inclusive as possible when building apps, inviting our entire agency, and external guests to our weekly demos.
  • Ship early, ship often — We are agile. We experiment a lot. And we like to test real software with real users instead of focusing on preconceived requirements.
  • Document and disseminate — We love to share exciting projects and the lessons we’ve learned through blog posts, social media, and skill-shares.

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join the NYC Planning Labs engineering team. We’re looking for a curious, geo-savvy developer to improve our existing portfolio, solve intriguing problems, and bring digital transformation to the agency. If you’re interested in building smarter government, you should most definitely apply.

You’ll have the chance to work on our growing portfolio of products ranging from data visualizations to complex analytics and mapping tools. Some of the products you’ll get to work on include:

Skills and responsibilities

Day-to-day, you'll… 
  • Work closely with product managers to build and deploy in agile fashion
  • Write clean, idiomatic, test-driven code
  • Architect new functions and applications alongside users and designers
  • Build data management tools and APIs alongside data engineers
  • Occasionally manage Heroku instances, cloud servers, and CI workflows
  • Review pull requests and use git-flow best practices
  • Refactor frontend and backend code, with an eye towards stability and long-term maintainability
  • Have opportunities to contribute to open-source and to release packages of your own
  • Write about your work, sharing lessons learned with colleagues and the world


  • Location:
    New York
  • Salary:
    , City health benefits (including full dental coverage); 15 paid vacation days a year + 11 paid Federal holidays; eligibility for a host of NYC retirement plans; agency-issued MacBook Pro and dual-monitor workstation; modern office in downtown Manhattan; strong work/life balance
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • You have 3 or more years of full-stack web development experience.
  • You have written production JavaScript. (We’re primarily an Ember.js shop, but experience with other frameworks may apply.)
  • You’ve architected complex applications and seen them through at least a few major revisions.
  • You’ve worked on modern software development teams and understand the importance of collaboration, code reviews, pair programming, and writing clear code for your colleagues.
  • You have an eye for sustainable coding practices and automated regression testing.

Preferred qualifications

JavaScript, Ember.js, MapboxGL, Node.js, Express, Carto, PostGIS, SQL, Vector Tiles, geoJSON