The Department of City Planning (DCP) has an expansive work program focused on the creation and strengthening of great neighborhoods, affordable housing, vibrant commercial and institutional centers, while promoting strategic growth, transit‐oriented development, sustainable communities and high-quality open space and waterfronts. Our aim is to enhance quality of life in the City, in part by initiating comprehensive, consensus‐based planning and zoning changes for individual neighborhoods and business districts, as well as establishing policies and zoning regulations applicable citywide.

The Urban Design Office is the design office for the agency. Drawing on expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, the office provides assistance on projects affecting infrastructure design, master planning, overall massing and architectural expression, streetscape, landscape, and resilient and sustainable design. In addition to serving all five borough offices of the agency, the office also provides design assistance to other City agencies and private applicants. The department assists in developing city planning policy to support excellence in urban design, reviews large-scale projects for zoning modifications, and designs urban projects in-house where the time frame requires immediate results for the agency. The office also conducts urban design studies ranging in scope from small-scale site-specific projects to more comprehensive neighborhood plans and city-wide initiatives.

The Department of City Planning is seeking a computational designer with strong 3D modeling, data analysis, and visualization skills. As a team lead for computation design, the ideal candidate would craft a vision and direction for the application of computation and design for the agency and the City. Projects would include further developing and building upon the agency’s parametric modeling tools built to date, writing computational algorithms based on New York City’s zoning resolution, and developing a unique suite of tools to enhance and expedite the work of planners and designers across the agency and the City.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Manage the development of analytical tools for 3D-modeling at NYC Planning
  • Assess and integrate new technologies into the agency’s workflow, including the assessment of future development scenarios, iterative building massings and zoning envelopes
  • Create data-driven modeling and analysis tools that allow for iterative assessment and comparison across multiple planning criteria
  • Develop automated standard massing and visualization tools, with basic outputs for gathering data, including zoning compliance, floor area ratio, square footage, etc.
  • Build a foundation for the integration of 3D-modeling with web-based platforms, with the ultimate goal of providing a public-facing tool for assessing development potential and impacts
  • Serve as a bridge to agency data engineers and web designers, including DCP’s Planning Labs unit.
  • Manage and mentor entry-level computation designers and interns
  • Coordinate with agency leadership and key points of contact at partner agencies, including presentations promoting the agency’s work and updating key stakeholders on ongoing tool development


  • Location:
    New York
  • Salary:
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications