Running for office is hard. Outdated campaign software makes it harder. Our mission is to give candidates, elected officials, and the people who work to elect them more time to do the important work: talking with voters and representing communities. That’s why we’re building software that handles the critical financial operations of today’s campaigns – fundraising, accounting, and compliance – in one single, simple platform.

We’re a a small, tight-knit, and diverse team of technologists, software engineers, and financial professionals who have founded several startups and managed a run for U.S. Congress. We’re backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital and angel investors including the co-founders and leaders of Instagram, Reddit, Codecademy, Netflix, and WIRED.

Our CEO, Brian, was a Senior Tech Advisor in the Obama White House, taught at MIT, and co-founded one of the largest phone companies in Nicaragua. Our CTO, Karan, oversaw the technical infrastructure of 80 campaigns last cycle and is a 3x startup CTO. Our CFO, Susie, was the Corporate VP of Finance & Accounting for AECOM, an 87,000-person company.

What you'll do
  • Architect, build, and deploy new features daily, across our various product lines. Help refine, develop, and estimate timelines for new products on our roadmap.
  • Work in all parts of the stack – we’re built on top of a Ruby/Rails/Postgres backend, React/Redux frontend, and tested with RSpec, Selenium, Jest, and Enzyme. Help introduce GraphQL, TypeScript, and Elasticsearch into the mix.
  • Identify and resolve performance issues/bugs and scale our infrastructure as we grow – we’re deployed on Heroku + AWS and monitor performance using Scout + Rollbar.
  • Talk to customers and collaborate with our sales and customer success teams to ensure that we’re building products that meet the needs of our end users.
  • Participate in code reviews and mentor teammates in areas where you have particular strengths. Help with interviewing and recruiting new engineers to join our team!
  • Introduce new processes, languages, and tooling to help to build and refine our engineering culture and increase our team's velocity!

Skills and responsibilities

What we're building
  • Entity resolution algorithms to automatically dedupe and reconcile millions of contacts to help our clients manage relationships and stay compliant with campaign finance limits.
  • Highly reliable and flexible real-time search to help campaigns quickly generate lists and reports for easier fundraising, compliance, and event management.
  • Secure financial data pipelines that import banking and contribution information to provide a unified financial snapshot and automate compliance preparation workflows.
  • Import tools and APIs that clean, transform, and load data into our platform, allowing our clients to integrate with a variety of external tools and services.
  • A tokenized link and two-factor authentication system to enable select users to securely access their data without needing to sign in.


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
    , Includes significant equity (early engineering hire!)
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

We’re looking for an experienced engineers (2+ years of professional software engineering experience) who have had exposure to one or more parts of the stack. We're especially interested in engineers who take a product-first approach to building software – who care about the real world impacts of their code and are motivated by creating products that users love.

Preferred qualifications

While we're agnostic about the technologies in general, we expect candidates to have some level of familiarity with one of the components of our current stack – e.g. Ruby (Rails) and/or JavaScript (React/Redux/GraphQL).