18F partners with federal agencies to build and buy digital services that improve the user experience of government. Proudly part of @GSA_TTS, @USGSA gives the public simple, secure access to multiple government services through one verified account. has over 10 million users and is growing the team as we scale quickly.

The team operates like a startup within the government, working in the open as a distributed, agile team. The core product is open source, hosted in modern cloud infrastructure, and built for scale. Tens of millions of people have accounts, and we aim to be the preferred entrypoint for all government digital services. Our users today include people accessing benefits, applying for government jobs, serving in the military, and collecting funds awarded through grant programs.

As part of the engineering team, you will play a key role in making government services more secure and accessible to the public. is looking for qualified engineers to join our product team. We care deeply about providing the best possible experience to anyone using government digital services. We are committed to making the process easy while combating fraud and abuse of government systems. A qualified candidate is ready to quickly jump in and help in a number of areas: using security best practices and encryption to protect user data, improving the performance of the application and its underlying infrastructure, using data and analytics to improve the platform and fight fraud, building in support for many multi-factor authentication options including Webauthn and PIV/CAC, providing the best possible identity verification experience, and generally improving the overall user experience.

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Skills and responsibilities

Key Objectives

Objective #1: Write high-quality, well-tested, maintainable code for the Ruby on Rails app and its peripheral applications using best practices for modern software development:
  • Work to develop new features and functionality within the application
  • Build tests for contributed code and assure appropriate test coverage using both unit and feature tests
  • Collaborate with other developers in a codebase under active development
  • Identify issues and bugs within the application and modify the code to fix them
  • Write code that is readable and conforms to the team standards for neatness and style
  • Build and own functionality from development through production operations
  • Be available to respond to production issues when necessary

Objective #2: Be an effective collaborator on a distributed, agile team:
  • Thrive in a collaborative, cross-functional team building the product iteratively
  • Peer review code submitted by team members in a fair and respectful manner
  • Have your own code peer reviewed by team members
  • Be a part of regular retrospectives and provide feedback to help improve the way the team works

Objective #3: Participate in decision-making that leads to a platform with the right balance of security and usability for end-users and integrating partners:
  • Provide perspective and expertise to help make product decisions
  • Contribute to building the product roadmap
  • Develop creative approaches to solve difficult problems with many constraints and competing interests
  • Interact with agency partners & lead partner engagements
  • Prioritize available work and direct effort towards the highest value goals


  • Location:
    Remote within the United States
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Salary:
    , GS-15
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  1. Experience building a critical software application for a large organization. This experience must include ONE of the following:
    • Delivering public-facing products or features on public-facing products with a large number of users (i.e. 100,000+)
    • Delivering tools or products with high uptime or availability requirements (i.e. SLAs of 99.9%+)
    • Developing applications that manage sensitive personal data within highly regulated industries
  2. Experience iteratively developing server side web applications using test-driven development. This experience must includeALL of the following:
    • Ruby on rails development
    • Using iterative software development methodologies
    • Developing digital applications using test-driven development or software testing tools
  3. Experience providing technical leadership to a team developing and delivering digital products or services. This experience must include ALL of the following:
    • Leading teams through the adoption of new tools, technologies or methodologies
    • Mentoring, coaching, or training clients, partners, or team members.