The San Francisco Digital Services Team is creating world class digital services. By putting the needs of our residents first and using modern software development practices we are making it easy to for residents, businesses, and visitors to interact with the City and get things done.

We are a new team that is expanding rapidly. We are a group of designers, developers, and product managers who work in multi-disciplinary teams to design public services and develop technology that makes them easy to use. We are passionate about user-centered design and improving public services in San Francisco.

Our Product group is a team of approximately half a dozen product managers of varying experience levels spread across 3 main product areas: Housing. Web site and Permitting

As the Product Director, you will have the unprecedented opportunity to shape the City’s digital products and services. From shaping the high-level product roadmap to setting citywide product standards, you will be a huge influence on the City’s ability to meet residents’ needs. 

An excellent communicator, you will work across teams and build consensus and excitement around the team’s mission. You will help people across the city see the power of great product design to enable excellent service delivery, representing Digital Services to staff at all levels in the City, and providing expert input where it is needed in other departments. You will champion Agile ways of working and have a relentless focus on shipping. You will be establishing what it means to be a good Product Manager at the City 

Alongside the CDSO, you will form strong relationships with our peers and partners in departments, and align perspectives on best practice and Agile methods. You will help departments frame problems to solve, support research efforts citywide, and help to break down problems into manageable pieces. 

In addition to your citywide role, you will also be responsible for management and supervision of the Product team within Digital Services, a team of mid- and junior-level product managers. You will be their advocate, coach, mentor, and evaluator and will help them grow into a world class team. You will help them standardize their approach and tools, and provide inspiration, leadership, encouragement, and high quality standards. You will help them share their work among the team and in the wider city and help them lead multi-disciplinary agile product teams. You will define how the team is structured, staffing needs, resourcing, work planning, and resource allocation. You will monitor how the team is working and make changes and recommendations for changes based on your assessment. You will help the team eliminate, reduce and automate unnecessary work, so that the team has the capacity to manage the products of the future for the City. 

You will care passionately about inclusion and accessibility from all angles – disability, language, culture, and income level. You will provide clear product vision and strategy across all of our products and set a high ambition for us to achieve. You will be deeply attuned to what is needed to meet residents’ needs, and you will value the input of designers and technologists to create world-class products. You will be willing to work in a landscape that includes vendors, and be adept at managing relationships with them. At the same time, you will be committed to Digital Services owning our own products and using open source technology where possible and practical.

Skills and responsibilities

  • Supervise Product Team members
    • Act as mentor and coach
    • Provide consistent, actionable feedback
    • Assign projects to designers
  • Lead recruiting and selection processes for product positions
  • Participate in budget development by providing detailed justification and persuasive arguments for proposals or initiatives.
  • Make sure that the Product Team’s budget is used appropriately and provide the CDSO early warning and practical options to mitigate potential cost overruns.
Define and enforce product standards and practices for the Digital Services Team, based on best practice; expand the scope of these standards to other departments and develop guidance, tools and policies to ensure that standards are met

  • Collaborate with other teams within SF City Government and support them to use Agile methods to deliver products
  • Work with departments to understand their needs and inter-dependencies and ensure that our products solve problems for residents and city staff.
  • Work to establish a Community of Practice for product managers within the city
  • Experience as a senior product manager
  • Experience of managing teams
  • Experience with iterative, user-centered product development
  • Experience as part of cross-disciplinary teams
  • Strong communicator - articulate and open
  • Self-awareness and humility


  • Location:
    San Francisco
  • Salary:
    , Payscale will rise January 1, 2020
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university; AND at least 5 years of professional experience as a product manager, of which 3 years must include experience supervising other product managers (either as a line manager or in a leadership position on a product team)