TeachFX is an edtech startup that uses machine learning to superpower teachers’ work. We visualize for teachers what portions of their class are teacher talk vs. student talk, and provide teachers with resources and suggestions on concrete steps -- personalized based on their talk metrics and classroom discussion patterns -- that they can take to build a more student-centered classroom.

We’re currently a team of ten and looking for an eleventh team member -- and fifth engineer! -- to join our crew. As an early engineer, you'll be a key leader of our company as we scale, and you’ll help define TeachFX’s engineering culture. You’ll take full ownership over user-facing software.

We’re looking for an engineer who wants to use their frontend, backend, full-stack, and/or machine learning skills to power our mission. Because we are an early-stage startup, the ability to be flexible, to own projects from inception to completion, and to thrive outside of hierarchies is very important.

Skills and responsibilities

Here are the functional areas where we’re looking for talent. Would your superpowers make you great at one or more of these things? If so, please apply!
  • End-to-end building, shipping, and maintaining software products
  • App development (we use React Native)
  • UI/UX design
  • Designing and implementing software architecture and large scale systems
  • SQL and general database management
  • Building machine learning algorithms for speaker diarization, natural language
    processing, and linguistic analysis


  • Location:
    Menlo Park
    We're currently in Menlo Park, but planning on moving our office to SF in August.
  • Deadline: n/a


Minimum qualifications

We believe there are a lot of different backgrounds and experiences that could make someone great for this role. As such, there are no minimum qualifications for this position.