The Mayor's Office of Operations works to make City government more effective, efficient, coordinated and equitable in carrying out its day-to-day business. It monitors the performance of all City agencies and serves as a research and project management hub for the Mayor’s Office.

The initiatives that you will work on all share the common goal of delivering more effective services and helping residents address poverty-related challenges. We operate a portfolio of digital tools and offer our expertise across multiple areas, including facilitating data integration to improve social service performance, easing access to services and programs, and designing new digital and in-person services with agency partners.

The Data team members help access, integrate and analyze data to develop more effective services and inform policy decisions and programmatic designs. The team views data as a protected asset that can be responsibly leveraged across digital products to support analytical initiatives, facilitate knowledge sharing, and develop business strategy.

The Data Architect will manage the data modeling and database architecture for a number of strategic citywide initiatives led by the Mayor’s Office of Operations. S/he will work closely with City agencies, contracted service providers and vendors to perform data profiling, source system analysis and data modeling. Additionally, s/he will participate in the development of innovative strategies to enable better data integration across multiple domains within the City.


  • Location:
    New York
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

Master's degree in information systems, technology or equivalent preferred with 3-5 years experience in data integration and analytics.