Data & Technology Services is a division of the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) that embraces progressive civic tech values including open technology, agile development, and user-centered design to build impactful products with Austin’s mobility planners, engineers, technicians and staff.

We work with modern tools and languages, primarily Javascript and Python. We embrace mature frameworks, with an eye towards maintainability and long-term stability. We love web mapping, and we champion open-source software development across the City of Austin.

You’ll be working alongside people who care deeply about what they do, driven to tackle the hard problems that city government and Austinites face every day. We’re a small, growing team, and you’ll have a chance to make an immediate impact. We’re going to trust your opinion and expect you to help us make the right decisions. You’ll be empowered to dive into our processes, test new tools, and give your thoughts on how we can do better.

You’ll have the chance to work on ATD’s growing portfolio of products ranging from data visualizations to complex analytics and mapping tools. Some of the products you’ll get to work on include:
  • Vision Zero Accident Tracking: Help create a single source of record for pedestrian, bicycle, and shared mobility crashes and investigations. Help design and build dashboards and maps to facilitate data analysis.
  • Dockless Mobility: Help make dockless mobility safe and compatible with Austin’s streets. You’ll build tools to visualize and process data generated by dockless device usage.
  • Data and Performance Hub: Design and develop the open reporting dashboards at
  • Field Technician Mobile App: Contribute to a React-based tablet app that helps our traffic signal and sign technicians document their work in the field.

Skills and responsibilities

  • You’ll work closely with a senior software developer and product manager, building and deploying user stories in agile fashion
  • You’ll participate in two week sprint cycles and sprint planning meetings where you’ll demo your work for stakeholders.
  • You’ll design and develop modern software solutions using Javascript, Python, RESTful APIs, and geospatial data.
  • You’ll explore open data resources and create visualizations and analysis of civic challenges.
  • You’ll collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams of transportation engineers, city planners, systems analysts, and software developers.
  • You’ll set standards for future technology projects at ATD (e.g. coding style guides, linting, Continuous Integration and Delivery).
  • You’ll refactor frontend and/or backend code, with an eye towards stability and long-term maintainability.
  • You’ll contribute to open source software projects using Github for collaboration and code review.
  • You’ll write about your work, sharing lessons learned with colleagues and the world.


  • Location:
  • Salary: , $20–24/ hour with a 6 month commitment
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications

  • You are currently studying Computer Science, Web Development, Data Science/Analysis, Public Policy, or related field.
  • You are a recent coding bootcamp grad or college grad.
  • You are a freelance software developer with junior to mid-level experience and want experience working with a team of technologists inside government.
  • You want to work on short-term open-source projects that benefit the public good.

Preferred qualifications

Front end development 
  • Javascript (React, Leaflet, d3, jQuery)
  • Static site generators (Jekyll.rb, Gatsby.js)
  • CSS

*bonus*: Data processing and scripting
  • Python
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL (PostgREST)