Birmingham DataWorks is a startup nonprofit that helps local organizations and communities share, analyze, and communicate with data. This starts with our pilot project: building a regional open data hub (see this out of Pittsburgh and Detroit for example). We believe Birmingham has a real opportunity to break down silos and help communities take ownership of their data. We also believe that our work must be purpose-driven and community-governed; instead of just obsessing over technology, we choose to focus on the impact of our work on local residents. Birmingham DataWorks is currently a one-person operation run by Yuval Yossefy. Until now we’ve been focused on building community support and writing business plans, but we’re ready to make the leap and begin a pilot project, which brings us to you.

What Yuval Brings and Does:
  • Thorough knowledge of the local tech ecosystem and of key needs/opportunities around civic data
  • Currently leading the City of Birmingham’s Data Governance Team
  • Experience in project management, budgeting, stakeholder coordination
  • Currently growing my branding/marketing skills 

As the technical cofounder, you will be responsible for building our open data platform, executing on pilots, and co-developing our strategy. As part of this, you will lead building the data access platform from scratch, have full autonomy regarding the technologies and stack used, and take an active role determining the functionality and appearance of the application. 

You can execute with minimal supervision, but still work great with teammates and partners. While you love the intricacies of engineering, you remain focused on the big picture. You are community-driven, and ideally feel a strong connection to Birmingham or have experience working on the grassroots level elsewhere. At first, this will be an interim, unpaid role, conducted mostly in your personal time. The role will develop into a full time technical cofounder role by Summer 2019, assuming you fit and work well within the organization.

Within 3 Months You’ll:
  • Internalize our long-term vision and mission and meet vital partners and stakeholders
  • Evaluate and select an open data platform or system for us to use (e.g. CKAN, Dataverse)
  • Build a skeleton platform with a few datasets already loaded in
    • As part of this, you’ll design and maintain our cloud platform and infrastructure (e.g. AWS)
  • Document operational processes related to the platform (e.g. extract-transform-load processes)

Within 6 Months You’ll:
  • Fully implement our data infrastructure to automatically capture and publish partners’ data to the platform 
  • Play a key role in evaluating potential projects as we continue refining our product offerings
  • Help hire and onboard new team members, both technical and non-technical
  • Build reporting mechanisms to track our work and measure our progress
To apply, please send your resume and a short paragraph describing your interest to Thank you for your interest, we’re excited to meet you!


  • Location:
    This position may begin as remote work, but will transition to full time work based in Birmingham beginning Summer 2019.
  • This job is remote friendly.
  • Deadline:


Minimum qualifications