Part of California's Government Operations Agency, the Department of Technology (CDT) is one of the largest technology suppliers for state and local government in California. Together with state agencies and entities, we deliver technology for everyone. To meet Secretary Batjer’s challenge, our department is changing: adding new skills and new capabilities to support a culture of understanding user needs – not just government needs – and making sure we meet them.

Our demonstrator projects (the California’s Child Welfare Digital Service, and more to come) start by understanding user needs. Then, we work iteratively with private sector partners. Finally, we build in the open: because it makes things better.

You can read more about the Child Welfare Digital Service in a blog post hosted by our friends at 18F.

California's Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) handles important services like social services, public health and Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program. The Office for Systems Integration (OSI) runs the technology for all these services.

With the Child Welfare Digital Service, CHHS and OSI, with California's Department of Technology, have started the work of making sure our technology meets users' needs.

But, there's a lot more to do.

Our work in modernizing and building delivering new digital services for the state means we need people who're experienced in designing and delivering shared services across multiple technical platforms.

Across the Department of Technology, the Office for Systems Integration and new teams like the Child Welfare Digital Service, we're looking for researchers, designers, content designers, strategists, architects, developers and more to deliver digital services that meet user needs.

Join us, and help deliver simpler, clearer, faster digital services for everyone in California.

Principal, Designer: Run and lead service design workshops, create and rapidly iterate service prototypes, engage whole multi-disciplinary teams with the design process, identify, design and set California cross-government service design standards and patterns.


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