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    What is this job board?

    This job board is a collection of curated opportunities in public interest technology. We believe that people with design, product, analytical, and technical expertise can make a difference in how government works.

    What is public interest tech?

    Public Interest: contributing to the common good. We use this to describe several types of organizations, such as:

    • governments
    • non-profits that partner with governments
    • for-profits that have a strong focus on social impact

    Tech: any skills required to build products and services. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • product and project managers
    • researchers and designers
    • developers
    • analysts
    • content strategists

    Current government employees share their journey into public service:

    "Because government controls a lot of what happens in cities, I knew I'd better understand how it all works."
    Ariel Kennan
    Director of Design and Product at NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations
    "Intrigued at the chance of working for the citizenry, and a steady paycheck, I gave it a shot."
    Anita Cheng
    Content Strategy and UX Designer, SF Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development
    "I did pretty well at PlayStation. But I reached a point where I wasn’t necessarily learning."
    Bret Mogilefsky
    Innovation Specialist at 18F, GSA